We have noisy neighbors

23 Aug

We recently moved from the real Twin Cities to the twin cities, which is what locals call Urbana Champaign. I like to call it Chambana, that’s what craigslist deems it as. But these twin cities are nothing alike besides the fact that they are both home to large universities. One big difference is that we have really noisy neighbors- neighbors who get louder as it gets darker, they are The Cicadas! I didn’t know much about cicadas until I googled them.

These buggers are huge and everywhere! If we ever ran out of food, I could eat my noisy neighbors because apparently a lot of people in the world do. I can’t wait for winter.

Another thing that is different here are the news stations. The news reporters in Minneapolis are poised, professional, and can read a teleprompter. Things are a bit different here, there are 2 news stations for all of central Illinois (like 3 hour radius), and the stories they cover are funny and seem non-important to the news broadcasted in Mpls. My favorite so far was a news anchor reporting on what she ate at the IL state fair, her response, “I tried deep fried CHEESE curds!” indicating that they were a new item at the fair. Also, one of the news stations reports the weather from the local Dick Van Dyke Appliance Store. Needless to say, I miss my Minneapolis news stations.

Ryan (the husband, okay, that’s been established, but do I call him Ryan or the husband? I don’t know these blogging rules) and I passed our written driver’s exams today, thank goodness because we actually spent 10 minutes reviewing road signs, shapes, and colors! We did consider throwing our bikes in the car before we left, just in case we failed and couldn’t drive home. It feels weird to call Illinois our permanent residence but Ryan’s program at UIUC is 4-5 years. Unfortunately we had to surrender our MN drivers license, it feels strange to be without it and now no souvenir from our home (ex-home?) state.



One Response to “We have noisy neighbors”

  1. Dave Henry August 24, 2012 at 3:10 am #

    I used to visit my grandparents in Springfield, Ill every year and grew to love the electric, cacophonous buzz of the cicadas — bet you will too! plus they’re gluten free

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