Fake wrestling

25 Aug

Last night we went to the Sweet Corn Festival in downtown, which is 4 blocks from our house. The whole downtown area is about 4 square blocks, like one parking ramp in downtown Minneapolis is that big! I’ve never been to a fair where the main attraction is the corn. They had an entire area just for the sweet corn. They also had limits on how many ears you could buy, because Illinois is in extreme drought. In fact, the news stations were a little worried that there wouldn’t be enough corn for the festival, but good news, it’s rained twice since we moved here. Each week the farmers get together to pray for rain, maybe I should go and try to channel the spirit of Elijah. Anyways, all that talk about sweet corn and we didn’t buy any.

On the other side of the fair (3 blocks down, think 1/32 of the MN state fair) we found a wrestling ring. I had never seen live wrestling so we decided to stay and watch. The competitors, who were wearing the smallest wrestling shorts (I really mean underwear), got into the ring and started duking it out. It looked painful and I was genuinely worried that one of the guys was going to break something. Then I noticed that it didn’t look like they were trying their hardest and kind of alternating who was getting hit.

Beth: Ryan, this is fake!
Ryan: I know (laughingly)
Beth: No, it’s like it’s staged
Ryan: It is
Beth: What?!! But Olympic wrestling isn’t staged
Ryan: You’re right, but this is pro wrestling
Beth: What? I thought pro wrestling was professional wrestling, meaning you were really good
Ryan: (Laughing and causing everyone to look at me) This is like WWE wrestling that you see on TV
Beth: I thought that was real!

So, I embarrassingly learned that there are two different types of wrestling. We stayed a watched a couple of matches because now I wasn’t as concerned about them getting hurt. But apparently this pro wrestling thing is really popular at fairs down south. Obviously it is pretty classy because it was held outside of a bank. I keep forgetting that I grew up in the fourteenth best city, according to money magazine, but I’m not in Eagan anymore.


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