Better than dorm food, Calzones

30 Aug

When Ryan and I were freshmen at the U of M, one of his favorite things to eat that they served at the dining hall were calzones. We’re trying to expand our recipe repertoire, so I found this calzone recipe from Taste of Home. Verdict? Ryan loved it and said I was the best wife he’s ever had.

Make It Your Own Calzone
1 tube refrigerated pizza crust (we settled for using a tube of biscuit dough and it worked great)
Whatever toppings you want (pepperoni, mozzarella, green peppers, and onions)
Roll the dough into a large rectangle on a greased baking sheet. Layer half of the dough (lengthwise) with toppings then fold dough over the filling and press the edges firmly to seal. Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes. Serve with sauce.

I had trouble connecting the dough in the middle, so next time I either need to roll it thinner or use less filling. While Ryan ate the calzone, I ate a gluten free homemade bagel pizza, it was gross.

But I have some exciting news to share- through some divine appointments by God, I will be interning for the Champaign Park District on their special events team! This opportunity is everything I’ve dreamed of, expect that’s it’s all volunteer. I still need to find another paid job, but we’re trusting God that he will work everything for his good.

Also, I started my pottery class last night. We learned how to make pinch pots and piggy banks. There are 3 women in my class who are studying animal science so they were making all sorts of crazy clay animals. Soon we will learn how to use the wheel. Any suggestions for what to make?


One Response to “Better than dorm food, Calzones”

  1. Kendra August 31, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Just discovered your blog – lovin’ it! I’m sad that the bagel pizza didn’t work out, but if you have other gluten free recipes that do, I’d love to see them! Good luck in your search for another job, I’m confident that opportunities will be coming your way.

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