11 Sep

I love the cinnamon roasted nuts you can buy at festivals, sporting events, farmer’s markets. They are just so good, but I don’t like spending $3 just to get the small bag with 16 almonds in it. And since fall is around the corner, although here in Chambana it feels like fall on the weekends, but summer during the weekdays, I was starting to think I was back in Minnesota with the bipolar weather, anyway cinnamon roasted nuts are fun to make in the fall because they make the house smell good.

I found this recipe and I picked it because it used less sugar than others. Verdict? The almonds are good, Ryan likes them, but I would enjoy something a bit more sweet like the one’s you can buy at those wonderful smelling stands, so more brown sugar next time.

I started my special events internship last week with the Champaign Park District. I am helping to plan an event called Halloween Funfest, which has been really fun, especially because I like halloween. We also have some unique 5k events that we’re working on. However, I am still looking for a paid job because girl has to bring home the bacon some how! But what I am going to do for a career seems like a big mystery. I feel like I want to do my undergrad all over again, pick a different major, utilize certain opportunities. But Ryan has been encouraging me to hold fast to 2 verses in particular, both happen to be in James.

James 1:2, Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials
James doesn’t say if we face trials, he says whenever because he knows that we will face trials.

James 1: 6a, But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt
This is huge, when I am asking God to provide me with a job, I need to believe that he will.

Ryan and I have also been church shopping since we moved to Chambana. We’ve visited 3 churches, all very different and nothing quite like Substance Church, which we were going to in Minneapolis. But, if you’re in the Minneapolis area and you’re looking for a church, check out Substance, it is the most dynamic, unique church I’ve ever been to. Part of me will always want to find a church like Substance, but church isn’t about the worship, messages, the building, it’s about the people who commit to doing life together.

One of the churches we visited is huge, it has its own indoor playground that anyone in the community can use for free!

On a final note, Ryan and I had ribs from Aldi’s, I was a little skeptical, but they were great! Ryan said that if I didn’t grow up in Minnesota, I would fit perfectly into southern culture because I love barbeque sauce and pick up trucks.



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