14 Sep

The fall weather has been reminding me of last fall, which is probably pretty common for a lot of people. But, it has especially got me missing the 621. The 621 is the address of the house I lived at last school year with my amazing, and I really mean amazing, 10 other roommates. When people would find out that we were living in a house with 11 girls, they thought we were crazy and like some mini-sorority. People would ask “How can you do that? All that drama?!” But, our house was different, the 11 of us were living intentionally with each other, all wanting to grow in Christ.

It is so fun thinking back on everything that happened in that house… somehow having the best conversations while we were packed in our kitchen and crammed in the stairwell. The endless pranks, especially something involving Katelyn M, a (missing) towel, and the shower, or sticky doorknobs, or a letter from our rental company demanding payment for the damages the happened to the corner of the house when someone tore it off while driving in reverse.

This time last year my mom would bring the 621 apples from my family’s backyard. If we weren’t devouring them by the handful, we were all making apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast.

I remember trying to do work-out videos together and aligning everyone’s schedule so we could hang out as a house, very difficult with 11 busy women! I wish I would have wrote more memories down because the year I spent in that house was the best year of my life. Sounds cheesy, but there is never a dull moment when you live with 10 others!

It’s also really exciting that we get to pass the house on to 11 equally wonderful ladies, knowing that they will love the 621 and carry on its legacy (like 5 generations and counting!).

Sarah, Katelyn, Colleen, Nou, Val, Morgan, Allison, Kelly, Katelyn, and Katie, I can’t wait till I am reunited with you all at the next 621 wedding ;-)


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