Quatro, 4 Recipes

23 Sep

I must be cooking too many dishes and not blogging enough, because I have four recipes to share!

Caramel Apples Take #2

At least the caramel didn’t run off the apples. But I didn’t melt enough so hence the drizzling. It also got really thick on the bottom. Next time I might just fork over the cash and buy the nicely packaged ones.

White Bean and Ham Soup

This recipe looked really yummy and perfect for colder weather. But Ryan has this weird aversion with pot roast and apparently he thought this looked and sounded similar. So he refused to eat it the day I made it. The next day he was hungry and I suggested he try the soup and he said, “What if I vomit?!” I laughed, he is ridiculous, especially because this soup is nothing like pot roast. And because pot roast is one of my favorite foods, and you can’t really make a pot roast for one person, therefore Ryan is preventing me from having my favorite food. Anyways, to his surprise, he really liked it! Ha, next time maybe I’ll get him to eat pot roast.

I modified a few things for this recipe. Instead of using water, I used 4-6 cubes of beef bouillon and water to give it more flavor, and I used a thick slice of ham instead of ham hocks (whatever that is!). It was good, but it made a fairly large batch, so next time I would scale it down.

Next is, Rachel Ray’s fettuccine with garden vegetables & greens from her look+cook book. From the get-go, I will say this didn’t turn out like the picture. There wasn’t much flavor, which is comical because in her book she says, “This meal is full of flavor!” Although, could be my fault because I made some substitutions. Green pepper for red pepper, left out the eggplant because it was too expensive, needed to use up green beans and used shake parm cheese instead of the real deal. Next time I will add more vegetables, and for some outrageous reason this recipe tells you to saute your veggies in 4 tbsp of EVOO, way to much oil!

Pumpkin Scones
Fun little fact, the author of that blog lives in the same area as me!
Whenever I make gluten free scones they always turn out flat, even when I use xanthan gum, which is a key ingredient in gluten free baking. And these weren’t very scone like, more like muffins. But I would definitely bake them again, however without the glaze they didn’t taste like much, so don’t skip it. But there will definitely be more pumpkin recipes to come.

Black Bean and Rice
I feel like I need to re-name this recipe to ‘AWESOME, not bland, tasting black beans and rice,’ because sometimes people overlook beans and rice. I used about all the same ingredients, except cilantro because I didn’t have any on hand. It does take a little while to thicken, about 45 minutes, but it was great- definitely proves that beans can be flavorful. Ryan said that this dish was a great improvement on how I used to make beans, which was black beans with stemmed veggies and no seasoning, poor guy that he had to suffer through that one. My picture may look bland, so go check out the original blog to be persuaded!
Also, I like sending the little kids (my nephews and niece) mail, so this time I sent them a secret message to decode.
I am trying to come up with creative things we can do via mail or skype. Now Liam is starting boy scouts and Mck is doing preschool, I miss them so much!



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  1. Christina @ Sweet Pea's Kitchen September 24, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    So happy to see that you enjoyed the scones! :)

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