Throwing clay

25 Sep

The pottery class I’ve been taking through the community is really great! Here’s a peek at what I’ve been making.

Bowls dipped in high-fire glaze

An asymmetrical bowl I salvaged from the junk pile and hand painted with 2 glazes, that when fired, interact with each other to give it its unique look
Square plate with lace overlay, next time I will hand paint instead of dipping- lost too much of the textureThe original lace overlay experiment, now kind of like a dish

Throwing on the wheel is harder than it looks. Weirdly, it takes strong fingers to be able to create an even opening and sides of the same thickness. I might stick to making plates because those I can make of out slabs of clay, which we have a machine to do for me.

I am also in the middle of a lamp renovation, photos will be shared when I finish!


One Response to “Throwing clay”

  1. Bryan October 15, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Those would make good Christmas gifts! We missed you this weekend, hope all is well.

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