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We moved!

13 Apr

Guess what?

We moved! I will no longer be blogging here, but moved over to

This is so exciting, my own domain! I feel more like a real person now with my own domain than I did when I graduated college, ha.

To my readers who subscribe by e-mail – if you’d still like to receive my latest blog posts via e-mail, please head over to my new site ( and you can find the “Subscribe to Blog via E-mail” tab a little ways down on the right-hand side bar. You will no longer be receiving e-mail updates unless you go subscribe on the new site.


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Raising Imperfection Sunday Party – Cohost

3 Mar

Hi all! I am honored to be co-hosting a wonderful party, Raising Imperfection, with Lanaya from Raising Reagan and Leslie from Violet Imperfection. Link up below! Continue reading

Tell Me Tuesdays Link Party

22 Jan

I am super excited because today I get to co-host Tell Me Tuesdays link party! Tell Me Tuesdays is hosted by Tori from Lil’ Mrs. Tori and Ashley from Him & Her. Tori and Ashley, I want to thank you for letting me co-host with you! Check out their sites and don’t forget to link up!

Hey All!  Welcome to Tell Me Tuesday!!
Check out Tori’s features here!
Check out Ashley’s features here!

Continue reading

October Overview

30 Oct

It’s been busy! Our October events for the park district are over and we don’t have any events in November, so things are slowing down. But nannying and having fun with my kids will always keep me busy. Below are a couple of recipes we’ve made over the past weeks and some crafts I’ve used with my nanny kids.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesImage

 Verdict? I will always come back to this recipe!

Chicken Parm

 Verdict? It was good right out of the oven, but not good for leftovers.

Crock Pot Sausage Egg Bake

Verdict? wasn’t very flavorful and I don’t think I would buy the sausage from Aldi again. I would rather do a egg bake in the oven next time.

We’ve been having spider problems, and I am not talking about daddy longlegs because those don’t exist in Illinois..

When I spotted it, the first thing I did was run and put on my rain boots, I did not want that thing coming toward me without proper footwear. I killed him, but I kind of want to erase the photo from my computer because he is so gross.

In lieu of Halloween we made Q-tip skeletons today!

Do you have any recipe or kid craft suggestions?

Throwing clay

25 Sep

The pottery class I’ve been taking through the community is really great! Here’s a peek at what I’ve been making.

Bowls dipped in high-fire glaze

An asymmetrical bowl I salvaged from the junk pile and hand painted with 2 glazes, that when fired, interact with each other to give it its unique look
Square plate with lace overlay, next time I will hand paint instead of dipping- lost too much of the textureThe original lace overlay experiment, now kind of like a dish

Throwing on the wheel is harder than it looks. Weirdly, it takes strong fingers to be able to create an even opening and sides of the same thickness. I might stick to making plates because those I can make of out slabs of clay, which we have a machine to do for me.

I am also in the middle of a lamp renovation, photos will be shared when I finish!